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Kylie Jenner launches KhyA collaboration with Berlin based label Namilia

by Maja Bebber

Having already made a significant global impact with her earlier ventures, Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics, the latest endeavor from Jenner sees her branching out into the realm of fashion with her new brand, Khy.

Khy is more than just a fashion label; it’s a brand that envisions revolutionizing the contemporary wardrobe. It does so by providing carefully curated collections that seamlessly merge the elements of luxury with the practicality and versatility of everyday style, thus catering to a broad spectrum of tastes, preferences, and occasions.

Khy stands as a multi-faceted fashion brand, encompassing a wide variety of categories and styles. The pricing for the inaugural collection ranges from an affordable $48 to a more premium $198, thereby ensuring that the brand remains accessible to a diverse audience of varying budgets. Furthermore, Khy is committed to inclusive fashion, offering sizes from XXS all the way up to 4X, thus catering to a multitude of body types.

The collection boasts of a creative collaboration with the Berlin-based label Namilia, a brand known for its provocative and distinctive style. This partnership is expected to elevate Khy’s debut collection to an extraordinary level. The collection features an assortment of faux leather items, including a trench coat, mini-dress, cropped hoodie jacket, leggings, long sleeve mini-dress, pants, gloves, and so much more, each piece echoing a unique blend of fashion-forward aesthetic and comfort.

But the collection isn’t limited to faux leather alone. It also includes a seamless shirt, leggings, and a long sleeve mock neck – all rendered in a versatile black that makes them ideal for everyday wear. The overall muted color palette of the collection is designed to radiate an aura of sexiness, edginess, and power, appealing to those who appreciate a bold, confident style.

Currently available for purchase, this is just the beginning for Khy. The brand promises an exciting lineup of future collections and innovative designs. We all are on the edge of our seats to see what Jenner has in store for us next and eagerly anticipate the new collaborations she’ll be unveiling with other brands and designers in the near future. Stay tuned for more!

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