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by Kyle MacNeill

QVC, eat your heart-shaped pendant out.

When was the last time you were bored out of your brain and decided to scroll through every single television channel, as if you’d accidentally placed your Lucozade on the down arrow of your remote control? It takes you to some pretty weird places, like Movies 4 Men (these men being very fragile about gender roles), QVC and some other bits that we won’t comment on since it’s a family show and all that.

You may not have ever clocked OAF TV, though. Which makes sense, as it doesn’t really exist per se – but it’s a new fictional platform cooked-up by kooky label Lazy Oaf, and we’re all playing along. A telly platform that takes its cues from 90s MTV videos and kitsch breakfast television studios, it also lends itself to the name of a new collection, featuring fifty-three pieces inspired by that thing we call the box.

The first episode (i.e. release) has just dropped, seeing twenty pieces on offer, with the brightness turned up to the max. Several motifs run riot throughout, including the brand’s signature squishy smiley, plus new prints from Gavin Connell (a cartoonish ‘Berry Good’ design) and Sam Bailey (the Pixelation set, a burnt orange, lo-fi number).

These are applied to everything imaginable, from jumpsuits to shirt dresses, sweats to tees, all designed tongue-in-cheek with an acid tab plonked onto said tongue. Every order also comes with a ‘OAF TV Guide’, which puts the Radio Times to shame thanks to its features with ‘presenters’ Lava La Rue, TSHA, Amelia Dimz, Two Lost Kids and Gentle Thrills.

So, jump onto the sofa and retune your TV sets – we’ve found your new fave channel, and we promise, as difficult as it may be to get your head around, it’s better than watching Challenge on a hangover.

Shop the first episode of ‘Oaf TV’ now here, prices starting from £35, going up to £125 for outerwear.

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