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Levi’s Vintage ClothingLaunch new Folk City collection

by Alice Ierace

To pay tribute to the artists and folkies of the 1960s Greenwich Village scene, Levi’s Vintage Clothing has released its latest AW19 collection, Folk City.

During the late 1950s and early 1960s, scores of folk musicians and artists invaded NYC to start the movement that would go on to define popular bohemian culture for decades to come. The new generation of folk musicians, including Bob Dylan, Karen Dalton and Phil Ochs, created a soundtrack for free thinkers, hippies and anti-war protesters all over the country.

This season’s collection features a range of styles inspired by the musicians and beatniks of 1960s Greenwich Village, combined with a few Levi’s archival pieces from the 20th century. Examples include the Suede Sherpa Jacket, the 551®z jeans and a range of ‘60s style tops, such as the Bay Meadows Long Sleeve Tee and the Aran Sweater.

Paul O’Neill, the Senior Designer for Levi’s Vintage Clothing, commented: “It’s a very Levi’s look – Western shirts, denim shirts, 501s, and Sherpa jackets. And then layered up with heavy knitwear for those cold New York winters. And of course, the corduroy geography teacher look, with plenty of denim and suede. This is what the beatniks and free thinkers wore who paved the way for what would become the counterculture of the ‘60s.”

As a further tribute, the collection’s campaign imagery was shot in New York City’s iconic Washington Square Park, as well as other Greenwich Village locations popular among the Folk City set and includes a segment called “Real Folks in Real Clothes”, a series of black and white portraits of real people shot between Minneapolis, Minnesota and New York City on a Greyhound bus.

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