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A new outerwear capsule inspired by the northern lights, backed by a slick video that recalls Blade Runner.

The Northern Lights – one of nature’s most stunning phenomena and best strains of weed – now, the name of this new Timberland capsule too. Inspired by the aurora borealis (the Northern Lights, just saves repetition, OK), it sees Timberland take to the skies, representing their solar muse across outerwear, hoodies, fleeces, tees and, most intriguingly, a polar dress.

Inspired by the brand’s vault, the hero piece is a Puffer Jacket with Aurora Print, turning the Northern Lights into something almost glitchy, a cracked monitor dazzling in ice blue and aubergine. There’s also a matching rainwear jacket and hoodie, featuring the same iridescent motif and reflective, shimmering features. Joining them is a Graphic Tee emblazoned with a purple pattern on the sleeve and print on the back, plus Chukka Boots in a range of colourways to trudge through the snow.

We’re hyped to see that the materials used are sustainably-sourced, including a ReBOTL fabric made from recycled plastic and 100% recycled insulation, fortifying you from whatever the weather chucks at you. Senior apparel designer George Clayton provides a starry-eyed introduction. “This concept explores Nature and its connection to the imagination as darkness fades into the swirling light show known as the aurora borealis. Every trail on the ground and each star in the sky represent new possibilities and ideas,” he says.

Top-notch, too, is the campaign video accompanying the collection. Produced in partnership with The Fabricant, it sees entirely digital visuals of mannequin-style models walking through a Blade Runner styled cityscape before entering a futuristic polar biome. “The creative concept for this film is reality meets digital, urban world meets natural world,” says The Fabricant co-founder Amber Slooten. “We want viewers to experience the wonders of nature in a way that is both familiar and fantastical.”

We might be thousands of miles away from the Northern Lights and – unless you’re by chance reading this from Tromso, Norway – you’re probably not in viewing distance either. This new capsule, though, brings the phenomena closer to home, letting us get a glimpse of a natural wonder every time we open our wardrobes. You’ll feel even nearer, too, if you’ve smoked it just before…

Shop the NL Sky Collection now via Timberland here and watch the campaign video below now…

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