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All-rounder creative Kailand Morris tells us what he’s getting up to during the lockdown.

It’s no wonder that Kailand Morris is so obsessed with music – he’s the son of Stevie Wonder, after all. But his creative obsessions go far beyond the sonic – he’s got the kind of bottomless pool of talent that would get you side-eyed at school.

When he was seventeen, he interned at Dior (beats our work experience). Obsession soon took hold – Kailand became infatuated with it-brands like Japan’s Kapital and Virgil Abloh’s back-catalogue of design. He’s become best buds with designer Kim Jones, too, the tour-de-force of haute-couture savoire-faire (say that one, quick).

When we caught up with him, he was making the most of lockdown, designing a collection for new venture KOM Clothing. Oh and skateboarding, and DJ-ing, and reading, and playing guitar – we told you, he’s fucking talented.


[ONE] Breakfast – eating healthy to start my day.

[TWO] Design time as I prep for my new clothing line that I’ll be releasing soon, ‘KOM Clothing’.

[THREE] Skateboard break to relax my mind.

[FOUR] Fresh air in my back yard on the 4 wheeler.

[FIVE] I love music and working on my DJ set every day.

[SIX] I spend hours playing instruments, I love the guitar.

[SEVEN] Reading and learning is the key to life!

tmrw: Have you found, Kailand, that being forced to stay indoors has changed your creative process? Has it been beneficial to it in any way?

Kailand: I’m always inspired by my surroundings, so being inside all day isn’t ideal. I’m still remaining creative in my home.

tmrw: What do you miss most about the pre-isolation world. What did you take for granted?

Kailand: One thing I never do is take things for granted. I’ve always and will always be grateful for everything God has blessed me with, from the biggest to the smallest. I do have to say I’ve been craving In-n-out, so I may have taken going there for granted!

tmrw: Why is music so important to you – and to pretty much everyone – for solace/stimulation during these testing times?

Kailand: I feel as if the music that you love can take you outside of the world you live in (present moment) and allow you to live in a world created by you. Music, for me at least, takes me out of my head and allows me to feel the emotions the song is trying to portray, especially if I relate to it in some way.

tmrw: What’s the story behind the KOM clothing collection?

Kailand: KOM is a housing for a lot of my creative notions. KOM could be expressed through many different things like music, DJing, or through KOM Clothing. KOM Clothing is really a reiteration of a lot of things I’ve been inspired by so far in my life, but I’m giving it my own taste.

tmrw: How has your own fashion changed while in isolation? Do you find yourself favouring comfort over aesthetics?

Kailand: My clothing has always portrayed how I felt in that present time, so really every day is different. Today, sweats and a hoodie, tomorrow, leather vetements pants and a tee, who knows.

tmrw: Please can you recommend tmrw an album, film and book?

Kailand: I love this question, I just found so many good new movies and books. Right now, I’m reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Such an amazing read so far. I highly suggest! As I ease into a lot of acting, I’ve been studying films nonstop. Aside from the Avengers being my favourite series EVER, I’d say watch Fight Club if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s such a beautiful film.

Lastly album wise, there’s a lot of artists I listen to right now, but not a full album I would listen to all the way through. No Soap Media by a good homie of mine, Elan Bia. He has some mad radio playlists that I could play all the way through x10. Check him out ASAP.

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