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Streetwear brand 1886 introduces The Flying Monkeys Club, a conceptual community built on self-love and good vibes.

A lot happened in 1886. The first gasoline-driven car was patented, Coca-Cola was invented and Del Monte, genius pioneers of tinned fruit cocktail, launched. We highly doubt it was any of these that catalysed 1886’s choice of name – in fact, it’s to do with the brand seeing ‘18’ and ‘86’ as lucky numbers – but either way, they’re way more interested in the future than the past. Based in Riyadh, the label is making ambitious, art-led streetwear, a vehicle for its explorations into textiles, designs and technology.

If you were anywhere near their Instagram page yesterday, you’d have seen that they did a total wipe of their feed (this gives our social media manager the shudders) and changed their bio to a mysterious message: ‘1886 IS GONE | THE FLYING MONKEYS CLUB IS TAKING OVER!’ This wasn’t a hacker playing havoc; instead, it teased the brand’s new ‘The Flying Monkeys Club’ collection, named after a newly created community of creatives that has taken over the brand’s Instagram page, but also has its own platform too. Got it?

The collection is stacked with mega numbers. Spanning everything from corsets to cinched trousers, comfort is at the heart of the ensemble, ensuring that you can throw on any of the layers anywhere, any time. It’s easygoing, evergreen dressing; spell out hoodies and monocolour sweats provide simple staples, while more elevated rollnecks and savvily cut trousers take things up a notch. A monkey mascot features throughout, a new playful motif that imbues the collection with nostalgia.

“We wanted to create an aura of comfort, to exude self-love and to look at expressing yourself through the clothes that you wear no matter the moment of the day or night, or the time of the year,” the team says. If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you going to love someone else, eh, so anything that tries to up the self-love is a winner in our eyes. So much so, in fact, that we actually produced the campaign for this, realising 1886’s vision via an offie setting (yes we will serve you!) and more drip than a leaky appliance. Maybe that’s the connection? After all, 1886 saw the invention of the dishwasher too…

The first drop of 1886’s The Flying Monkey Club is available now here.

direction, cinematography and edit
Peter Cadman
executive production
Joe Brine
Christopher Aspinall
 Charlie Goodge
Ally Lux
make up
bow face
ronnie woodward
Patrick Smith
set decoration
ellie Koslowsky / Gimbal - Liam White / 1st AC - Rushil Choudhary / 2nd AC - Oscar Stewart / gaffer - Stephen Allwright / spark - Atikah Zainidi
production assistance
Albert Owisiejew
styling assitance
Borna Prikaski
make up assistance
Tabitha Thomas
hair assitance
Andrew Kyriakou
edit assistance and VFC
Simon Boles / colourist - Henry Howard / Grade House - Wash LDN
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