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by Alex Brzezicka

A Portugal vegan sneakers brand presents a new project celebrating the bright power of nature and the right to express ourselves in an eco-conscious fashion.

Always on the hunt for sustainable sneaker solutions, our attention drifted in Portugal’s direction towards planet-conscious brand, LØCI. They are shoemaker extraordinaires, connecting the dots between modern designs, nature’s needs and a drive to embody the change in their field. Sounds like a dream of any awakened customer. Impressed by their mission, we’ve decided to take a deep dive into their new project.

LØCI x NEON Seven is a statement of timeless elegance and new exciting solutions. The handcrafted model comes in five colours, each inspired by a wild phenomenon, orange by the sand dunes in Morocco, blue from the deep Pacific Ocean, green by the Amazon Rainforest, hot pink by Pink Sand Beach in Bahamas and mint by the aquamarine hot springs in Saturnia, Italy. In the search for the rarest wonders, LØCI’s vision stretches worldwide. They spread awareness of the state of art environments that many call home. It’s our responsibility to preserve it.

To make sure that future generations will get a chance to cherish the natural gems too, LØCI uses only recycled and renewable materials. Every pair counts. From cork insoles, bamboo lining, and ethically sourced durable rubber to eyelets giving second life to secondhand brass, each sneaker is like a self-contained sustainable universe. It’s fascinating to ponder on the previous lives of the materials. On top of that brand’s proud to support Mission Blue and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust amongst other campaigns for ocean preservation and protection of species.

LØCI x NEON Seven is a grand example that sustainable doesn’t mean boring. Thanks to them, step by step, we can continue our journey into a more eco-aware future with a clear conscience, in our new truly eye-popping pair of sneakers. Tomorrow comes in all the shades of the rainbow and with a positive attitude that change for the better is always possible. LØCI serves it with style in a form of a truly luxury inclusive experience.

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