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The wickedly named Raf Simons offshoot returns with a K-On! inspired capsule.

Mental exercise: imagine a bootleg label, like those Guccy sweats or Corcs shoes, but one that’s actually owned by the brand in question, taking the piss out of themselves in a meta way, but also kind of serious?

That’s essentially Rough Simmons, the Raf Simons offshoot devilishly stylised as a mondegreen, riffing off the dodgily spelt translation of the real thing found on Japanese auction sites. Part internet culture, part archive revivalist, it reimagines classic Raf pieces via anime and manga graphics, creating an if-you-know-you-know imprint to the main label.

After almost a year of radio silence, they’ve returned with a ‘K-Onsumed!’ capsule, inspired by cult manga series and anime K-On! If you’re not aware of the show, it follows four girls starting a band at a private school somewhere in Japan, seeing them hang out and become virtuosos along the way. It spanned films, soundtracks, video games, TV spots and calculators, plus a sponsored campaign to encourage Kyoto citizens to be counted in the census.

Now, it’s got its own dedicated capsule from Rough Simmons, after previously being referenced in the brand’s February release. Titled ‘K-Onsumed’ (another wicked pun), it’s a remix of the brand’s ‘Consumed’ collection from 2003, superimposing graphics of the characters and show’s logos onto monochrome, grungy pieces, spiked with pops of blue and red.

Sweats and hoodies are the orders of the day, here, printed with a stone-cold ‘Neotokyo’ spellout and made with heavyweight french terry, a towelled fabric kinda similar to jersey. There’s also a couple of club-ready tank tops screen printed with the show’s bandmates, plus, our favourite, a cut-and-sew poplin shirt peppered with the band logo, song names (‘Fluffy Time’) and show’s iconography.

This is an absolute must-cop for manga fans, or anyone who has a taste for Simon’s sleek, edgy design. Or, to be honest, anyone who wants to lounge around like royalty in a luxury French terry hoodie, watching anime and eating pizza. So it’s for everyone, basics.

The new Rough Simmons collection is available now, here.

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