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Marc Jacobs goes full early noughties mode with Devon Lee Carlson and a whole lotta pink.

Y2K, eh? It’s been plastered all over Depop like a flame print band-aid for the last few years, thanks to a collective renewed obsession with shocking pink, dragon motifs, double denim and tiny little sunglasses.

Now, it’s permeated into mainstream culture. Jewellery, according to The New York Times, is now taking inspo from Ring Pops; video games are harking back to the good old days of blue and orange design; Amazon is now awash with the stuff and H&M have made their own edit. Turns out the whole ‘millenium bug’ thing was right – we’ve all caught it.

While some of this mass-market stuff is less flame emoji and more upside-down-smiley, Marc Jacobs’ latest capsule proves that there’s still life in the old handbag dog yet. Simply titled the Y2K Capsule Collection, it’s made in collaboration with it-girl Devon Lee Carlson, representing her own style. As well as a YouTuber and high-fashion model, she founded Wildflower Cases, those limited edition iPhone covers beloved by cool kids worldwide.

Naturally, then, this miniature collection oozes cool. The colour scheme is sweet shop, teen mag goodness: bright oranges, shocking pinks, ice-cool blues and trashy fonts adored by trendsetters and abhorred by typophiles. Photographed by Connor Cunningham, the pieces are emblazoned with Devon and Marc’s imaginings; her dog Martin features as a cartoon motif, her own personal drawings are etched onto tees and there’s a signature frilly dress to die for finished with ‘MJ’ charms.

Likely, everything will go full circle when pieces from it end up on Depop amidst a cornucopia of kitsch, garish garms. For now, though, we’re enjoying it in isolation, a neat example of how high-fashion can reapproach the noughties in glorious style. We can’t guarantee that wearing it will make you an it-person, but it might just land you a role as an extra in this decade’s inevitable The Simple Life reboot.

Marc Jacob’s Y2K Capsule Collection is available now here.

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