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by Kitty Robson

In his new work 'A Faith That Carries Forward', Mark Elzey shoots creative Hamza Sarr.

Based in New York, photographer Mark Elzey shoots a diversity of subjects from high fashion editorials to intimate portraits. First and foremost, though, Elzey hopes to capture the spirit with his camera, and focuses on enhancing the inside outside. Upon meeting creative Hamza Sarr, Elzey was inspired by his strong faith and sense of self, telling tmrw about how they talked in depth about “[Sarr’s] upbringing and spirituality of being a Muslim in New York City”.

Elzey explained how Hamza Sarr “told me he grew up a Muslim, but as he got older he became a Muslim by choice as he found it best reflected his outlook on life. He told me how his faith allowed him to keep pushing forward as an artist even when things seemed to be crumbling, especially during the beginning stages of COVID-19 where there was a lot of uncertainty. But his faith didn’t allow him to stop believing in himself and his love of creating.”

Hoping to capture “the essence of Hamza”, Mark Elzey explained how he wanted to “capture him in the light where it shows how bold he is, and how powerful he is by keeping faith and pushing forward.” Elzey was sure to exemplify the rawness of their conversation through the intimacy of portrait photography, and to be sure that faith was the driving force seen in the imagery. “I wanted him to feel and see the faith he carried”, Elzey told us, “and how it impacted now only himself, but those around him.”

Follow Mark Elzey on Instagram here and Hamza Sarr on Instagram here. Scroll down to check out the rest of the shoot.

Mark Elzey
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