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Meet Anna FosterPioneering Founder of E.L.V Denim

by Maja Bebber

Anna Foster, the innovative mind behind E.L.V Denim, has transformed upcycling into a thriving venture.

Anna Foster’s illustrious journey in the realm of fashion began as a luminary fashion editor, establishing her indelible mark across esteemed publications like Exit and i-D Magazine. With an unwavering dedication spanning over two decades, Foster meticulously refined her craft, fostering a deep-rooted expertise that laid the groundwork for her eventual foray into founding her eponymous brand.

Her career trajectory, adorned with pivotal roles such as fashion director at Lula and later as the fashion director-at-large at RUSHH, became a repository of invaluable experiences. These roles not only honed her creative prowess but also furnished her with the indispensable skills and insights that would become the cornerstone of her own venture.Stemming from her immersive journey in the dynamic world of styling, Foster’s brand emerged, fueled by a resolute commitment to challenging conventional norms and championing sustainability. In 2018, E.L.V Denim was born, heralding a paradigm shift in the fashion landscape by exclusively crafting handcrafted jeans from 100% upcycled denim. Each denim piece is meticulously sourced, color-matched, and locally produced in East London.

The brand’s collection encompasses a diverse array of jeans, spanning from classic straight leg and boyfriend cuts to the trendy flare styles, tailored to cater to both men and women. Yet, E.L.V Denim’s creative ingenuity doesn’t stop at jeans. Foster’s visionary approach extends to transforming surplus fabrics into an eclectic range of garments. This includes an assortment of shirts, tops, jackets, capes, skirts, shorts, dresses, and jumpsuits, each exuding the brand’s signature ethos.

Among E.L.V Denim’s repertoire, stand-out pieces like the Alexa Shirt and the Sylvie Skirt infuse a distinct touch of panache to any ensemble. For enthusiasts of denim, the brand offers gems like the Tricolour Flare Jean.Housed within a studio nestled in East London, E.L.V Denim meticulously crafts every piece by hand, often collaborating with local ateliers. Embracing a staunch zero-waste ethos, the brand ingeniously repurposes fabric scraps into paper and transforms jean hardware into unique objets d‘art, staying true to their commitment to sustainability and innovation.Not content with solely creating fashion pieces, E.L.V Denim champions initiatives like takeback programs and rotation schemes, inviting customers to trade in their old jeans, regardless of the brand, fostering a circular fashion economy. Moreover, their repair and alteration service prolongs the life of each denim piece, adapting it gracefully to the wearer’s evolving body over time.

A highlight of their innovative spirit lies in the exclusive opportunity to design custom reversible Aubrey tops using iconic silk fabrics at the iconic Liberty store in London on November 16th, 23rd and 25th. Additionally, E.L.V Denim’s presence at esteemed retailers like Neiman Marcus and collaborations with high street brands such as C&A further attest to the brand’s growing influence and popularity. For those intrigued by more offerings gems like the Unisex Wide Leg Jeans which is part of the collaboration with C&A, stand out as perennial favorites, encapsulating the brand’s fusion of timeless style and sustainable innovation.

We personally love E.L.V Denim and can’t wait to see what Anna is up to next.

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