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To celebrate the release of ‘Dumb Love’, Mimi Webb lets us take a peek into her wardrobe.

Mimi Webb is a name you need to know: a pop singer-songwriter with talent galore, her girl next door persona is offset with her sharp wit, soaring vocals and unapologetic uniqueness. In a classic Gen-Z tale, Mimi went viral for her impromptu acapella filmed at dinner with her friend Charli D’Amelio, and paved the way for her meteoric rise with singles ‘Before I Go’, ‘I’ll Break My Heart Again’, ‘Reasons’ and ‘Good Without’. 

Now, she’s back with an innovative new single, ‘Dumb Love’, a nostalgic yet playful ballad reminiscing about falling “crazy head over heels for someone, and it’s all about that fresh new love feeling you get. That ‘is this actually real’ feeling & sometimes, it’s the most real, because ‘dumb love’ really never ends.”

On top of being a musical one to watch, Mimi Webb is a style queen too. Her IG is smattered with a hell of a lot of looks, from being extra at events to, of course, dressing down at home. We caught up with the rising star to find out about her love of the worlds of music and fashion, and to hear which outfits she’s been living in for the past year…

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion for me means confidence. When you have a nice outfit and feel good about yourself it puts you in a good mood and you can approach the day in a really positive way. I love to play around with outfits to reflect what I want to get out of a day or an event.

How does it fit in with your music?

Being an artist you want to make sure you look and feel your best. If I feel good with what I’m wearing I will walk in to a room in a different way and it gives me the confidence to take over a room and do an ‘artists’ thing. Being a musician is about creativity and your art, so putting together an outfit becomes an extension of that creativity. My music is emotional and powerful but my style is youthful and colourful – I like the contrast and it allows me to show all the different sides of my personality.

Where do you find inspiration for outfits?

I love Pinterest boards and can spend hours looking through them on my laptop. Social media, in particular Instagram, is great for style inspiration. I like to see what other people are wearing and then put my own spin on it. Taking an old school look and putting a modern spin on it, is something I like to do often.


Green is my favourite colour and love how it pops through on the top. The heart-shaped detail is also everything for me! I’ve had this outfit for about three months and I think it’s so unique and nothing like I’ve seen before. I have a huge obsession with Cider clothes at the moment and have bought A LOT from them recently.


My favourite thing at the moment is to match hairclips with my tops, and these cute clips from Amazon work perfectly with the blue halterneck. This look will be amazing this summer and manages to look modern but the halterneck gives it an old school edge and pops with the white trousers. I wore this to the beach when the weather was nice a few weeks ago – it made it feel like summer had really started.


This is my favourite day to evening look and the kind of outfit I could wear late afternoon in a bar. The pattern from the bralette really compliments the plainness of the leather. I’ve just dyed my hair a bit blonder so thought the colours worked well. The leather jacket is oversized so has lots of movement and makes me feel really confident in it. The high waisted trouser makes me feel super comfortable teaming with a cropped top. These trousers are part of my wardrobe staples and are something I wear all the time when I go to dinner. They’re a bit flared at the bottom so I can be versatile with shoes and can change the look up depending on how I feel.


Really love the youthful schoolgirl vibes with this combination and you can probably tell I got inspiration from the cult movie Clueless for it. It’s classy but the colour gives it some edge and keeps it young-looking. This is a brand new outfit I got about two weeks ago and can’t wait to wear it for a summer lunch with my girls.

Words by Kitty Robson

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