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by Alex Brzezicka

Two rules-defying brands are once again stomping on stereotypes in their second hard-hitting collaboration.

After the year that’s just passed and for the next few months of probable social havoc, we need footwear that will keep us grounded during either hours-long protests or wild underground parties. We need freedom to move and to stand our ground. To subvert the norms. To be bold.

Dr. Martens and X-girl come to the rescue with a line of shoes for SS21, designed on the disruptive grounds of their shared fashion activism history. In the veins of this fierce partnership runs the same rebellious blood. Both defined generations. Both refused to fit into the established gender roles.

X-girl was birthed in 1994 by the Godmother of Grunge, Kim Gordon and stylist Daisy von Furth, after Beastie Boys’ Mike D, who’s been a business partner in a legendary streetwear brand X-LARGE, had proposed them a line deal.

Despite the brand’s brief existence in the 90s, Kim and Daisy’s ‘real clothing’ became a major influence on underground fashion, redefining teenage girls’ style. The days of nicking their skater boyfriends’ old t-shirts or raiding charity shops for garms to cut up were gone. X-girl’s cheeky femininity and punk attitude infused in their minimalistic yet hard-rocking silhouettes took the alternative scene by force.

It gave visual identity to women who wanted to stay both strong and sexy in a male-dominated world. Everyone from third-wave feminists to Riot Grrrls was in. X-girl’s first guerilla-style show with Chloë Sevigny, produced by Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze, became another stepping stone in the ongoing fight for freedom of female expression. The Girl’s Movement was in full bloom.

Wanting to rekindle 90s warrior spirit in the modern age, Dr. Martens, a veteran of subcultural fashion wars, has called X-girl to arms once again to refurb their lofty Jadon Max boot along with a sandal stacked on a Zebrilus Quad Max sole.

Wearing Jadon Max X-girl with customisable laces, DIY-inspired grim silver tag and black canvas material, you can join this season’s legion of street fashion disruptors. On your own terms. Heavily stomping. In case of summer heat emergencies, there’s a second part of the collection, Strand Sandal X-girl where fancy black velvet contrasts with leopard-print strap and purple footbed on an as high as it gets double sole.

Those not afraid of heights and ready to reclaim the streets inspired by historical free-thinkers and today’s activists, don’t worry. Go stir some stereotypes up. Docs and X-girl got your feet covered.

The collection drops on 12th June in selected stores and online here.

Alex Brzezicka
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