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by Maja Bebber

MSCHF is a women's clothing brand closely associated with underground culture and movement.

The collaboration between MSCHF and SUBU marks an exciting milestone, channeling support and recognition towards women globally who are pioneering and shattering barriers in their respective fields. This joint effort not only celebrates their achievements but also aims to elevate their presence on the global stage.

The fusion of MSCHF’s innovative design ethos with SUBU’s reputation as Japan’s premier outdoor shoe brand has resulted in a collection that blends style, comfort, and functionality. At the heart of this collaboration lies the iconic ‘Rhombus’ symbol, embroidered onto the padding silhouette, serving as a testament to the union of two distinct yet complementary brands.

Crafted with SUBU’s cutting-edge technology, these shoes epitomize comfort and warmth, making every step a luxurious experience. The meticulous design incorporates a durable outsole suitable for diverse terrains, ensuring versatility for both indoor and outdoor use. Soft sponges and insulation envelop the entire foot with a gentle embrace, promising unparalleled coziness with each stride.

The collection offers a choice between two elegant colors—classic black and the stylish rose brown, allowing wearers to express their individuality while enjoying the sophisticated aesthetics of the collaboration. Furthermore, each pair comes with a thoughtfully designed shoe case featuring a convenient buckle strap, adding a touch of practicality and style to the overall package.

For eager enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike, the MSCHF x SUBU collection will make its debut at The Hyundai Seoul Store on the 8th of December. Following this exclusive launch, the collection will be made available for purchase on the MSCHF Online Store, extending the opportunity for a wider audience to embrace and relish in this remarkable combination of creativity and functionality.

By bringing together their unique expertise and vision, MSCHF and SUBU are not only introducing a remarkable footwear line but also advocating for the empowerment and celebration of women who continue to break barriers and stand out on a global scale. This collaboration stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity, innovation, and support converge, offering a tribute to the trailblazers shaping the world.

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