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New design-led label and mag Mundane doesn’t live up to its name - in the best way possible.

When it comes to mainstream fashion, it’s often a case of same old, same old. Walk into a high-street store and you’ll find plumes of identikit clothes not only similar to each other, but to whatever else is in the shop next door.

Sometimes, then, it’s a blessing to see something completely different. Enter the nudge-nudge-wink-wink titled Mundane, a new label set-up to showcase the maverick designers making waves right now.

Founded by New School grad Luca Di Fabio in Nashville, it’s launching its very first collection this month, headed-up by design from DIY-inspired ‘JP’ and US-based jacket atelier Roxenstone.

If you’re looking for its vibe, think Cobain-era grunge. Luca, in the campaign video, namechecks Sub Pop: 

We’re getting in touch with all kinds of designers, from Nashville where we’re based but really from all over the United States and Europe. Our mission, then, is to become what Sub Pop did for Nirvana and Soundgarden for grunge music, basically build a designers’ label that can combine and group together all the coolest, best and edgy designers from all over the world.

Behind the grunge, though, is an exceptionally green take on small-run fashion. As well as sourcing some virgin, premium, high-quality fabrics, they also rework rare vintage pieces which get deconstructed, remixed and stitched back together into something new, all by hand. In a sense, then, every single piece is a one-off – since sourced fabrics are used in different quantities, no one jacket, say, is the same as another.

As well as the label, Mundane has also set-up shop as an independent magazine (big up!), acting as a creative outlet for the team’s innermost thoughts, striking editorials and confessional features, from anti-Xanax photo essays to algorithms and kinks.  

Mundane, then, is about as boring as rewatching Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus’ new video over-and-over. Id est, really fucking exciting. We’re hyped to see what they drop next and are pretty sure that their cutting-edge approach so far, unlike their pieces, isn’t just a one-off.

The Mundane debut collection drops this month online here.

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