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by HQ

For decades, cargos have been a staple in everyone’s closet. Introducing BLACKTAILOR: you’re covered for any occasion.

Staying alert to what dominates the fashion world is important while witnessing the new generation partake in it. An exclusive brand that specializes in cargos, BLACKTAILOR is the moment. Established in 2017, the brand takes pride in providing quality wear that has already made huge strides. Sticking with a growth mindset, nothing can stop BLACKTAILOR from achieving the best results.

Feeling inspired by distressed denim, the brand’s founders decided to create a starting ground with cargo trousers. “When we looked at the products on the market, we realized that most products do not fit everyone”, says the creative team. Specializing in cargos means knowing how different cuts will fit on different body measurements. Fashion is a creative expression, and BLACKTAILOR features four styles from skinny, baggy, relaxed, or a more regular fit. Having several options helps customers choose what works best for them on any occasion they may find themselves in.

Creating relationships with their customers extends them to being a part of their core values. The design team stresses that listening and reviewing feedback from customers is how BLACKTAILOR distinguishes what works best. Having a tailor with over thirty years’ experience plays a huge part in the engineering and design process. Before setting in motion, the products are prototyped in five different fabrics to get a realistic wear and made up to standard. In addition, the team wears BLACKTAILOR on an everyday basis, so hearing consistent opinions helps in the long run. For someone who is purchasing BLACKTAILOR for the first time, “X Straight Cargo” and “V Skinny Cargo” are a great starting point. These are both signature styles that showcase must-haves in an everyday wardrobe. “X Straight Cargo” is a regular fit adding comfortability, while “V Skinny Cargo” has more of a lightweight feel. It’s also great for urban environments while being resistant to the weather.

Being a high-performance brand that operates solely online, their community is strong and here to support. Having their online store helps to avoid big markups that are associated with traditional retail, in return giving customers a fraction of the price with the same quality.

Past campaigns prove BLACKTAILOR’s design team puts their imagination to work. “Not Human SS22”, takes us back to the 90s’ through iconic video games emphasizing mobility and durability. Featuring earthy tones, we take a look at classic pieces with cut-out shapes and sleek proportions. Their latest campaign, “Rock Up Summer 2023”, came about by embracing the possibilities of the unknown. The inspiration follows to provide an impact on everyday life. “Fun is always unfathomable in unexpected incidents, while every feeling comes instantly.” Presenting a more playful vibe, BLACKTAILOR utilized wide and roomy silhouettes as the foundation of their collection. Using quality fabrics such as lightweight nylon was added for different options to mix and match.

Although the brand is known for their cargos, BLACKTAILOR also retails outerwear such as sweatshirts, jackets, and more. Cozy shapes mixed with comfortability make it just as valuable. They range from vests, bombers, utility hoodies, and more. Having multiple options to choose from shows how versatile BLACKTAILOR is committed to their core values. Functionality and accessibility are some of the building blocks that make BLACKTAILOR what it is today. As much as fashion is here to express oneself, it’s also a challenge. Desiring to evolve while contributing to the history of fashion, it’s an ongoing battle whether to stay humble or go with the aesthetic ideas that are placed in the market today. “We are committed to tackling every challenge, regardless of its nature and magnitude.” Luckily for the brand, having an eye for creative imagination is one of the reasons for their success. In 2023, it’s only up from here.

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