Nicce Launches Capsule Collection
White Label

The London-based streetwear label Nicce has just launched its exclusive White Label series, a limited-run collection designed in homage to the singularity of “white label records”, and elegantly reshaping the brand’s prevailing aesthetic towards a more distinct, trendy and fashion-led portrayal.

Founded in 2013 by Mitchel Galvin-Farnol, the brand defines itself as an apparent supplier of clean, simple, modern and casual clothing that’s accessible to everyone. Even though these characteristics are still fairly present in the White Label collection, the company has clearly refined its offer to provide its audience with sharper, more unconventional garments.

The capsule serves as an ode to the brand’s deep connection with music: as mentioned above, the collection has been designed as a sincere tribute to the prestige and uniqueness of “white label records”, which have become a significant indicator in the establishment of experimental and avant-garde music scenes. “Often one of the original pressings of a track, white labels have become highly sought after, collectible items” (Nicce, 2019).

Highly influenced by the unique and subtle characteristics of such items, the collection is released twice a year, and highlights the brand’s commitment to implement a more trend-focused approach while at the same time, enhancing their rooted passion for functional and technical outdoors wear. Next to their musical affinity, the brand shows a great connection with architectural and contemporary artworks: the line is characterized by graphic, bold and angular cut and sew pieces in color-blocked pastels, indicating the direct influence of South American artist Luis Barragan’s work. The collection consists of a range of sweats, jerseys, nylon jackets and ponchos emphasizing a neat combination of washed out colors including mint, white and coral, all evoking memories of late summer sunsets. One thing’s for certain: with the White Label series, the company ensures to provide their loyal fanbase with the summer wardrobe they’ve been longing for.


The line is now available on the brand’s website at Make sure to check it out!

Words by Diane Theunissen

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