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Ready for the great flood that is the UK winter.

We’ve been following Noah’s arc for a while now. Founded by former Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzein, the menswear brand has fast become an international favourite thanks to its socially conscious business model and its simple, easy-to-wear staples. Think basic, high-qual tees and classically cut coats, throw-on spellout hoodies and laid-back slacks spiked with pops of bright, preppy colour.

They’ve just released the first batch of their FW21 collection, trickling out new drops every Thursday for the rest of the month. Inspired by the rich textures and luxury fabrics of the seventies, it’s an elevated, decadent approach to casualwear, as suave as it is snug. There’s a sartorial edge to the wardrobe: minimal, generously cut suits are grounded with beanies, trainers and snazzy ties, while tailored trousers, corduroy blazers and suede jackets riff on the higher frets of art rock aesthetics.

Don’t be fooled, though: there’s nothing overly smart or stuffy at play. Hoodies made for sub-zero New York strolls and varsity-inspired jackets provide a grown-up twist on back-to-school season, while a latinate Sapienta et Libertas sweat puts the cool in collegiate, if you missed spelling class. Thick, wooly, bobbly beanies means you don’t have to worry about bed hair or cold ears again, or let you just about hide your AirPods in a seminar when you fancy a quick escape.

Like with all their collections, essentials are made jazzier with louder, retro prints. There’s a tiger print bomber fit with a stand-up collar to add a touch of disco, while psychedelic paisley print ties and trousers take you from office chic to Off The Wall, Chic. Music motifs continue via ‘Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and ‘Disco Rules’ slogan tees, letting you make a statement in the most effortless way possible.

“I was born in the 70’s and have a very specific memory of the idea that you had to choose a music genre to identify with,” creative director Brendon Babenzein says. “It never sat well with me. I clearly remember a DJ losing his job after a radio station decided to change music formats and began burning disco records in a baseball stadium. The media picked it up and a so-called “war amongst genres” was born.”

Spun-out by having to be shoehorned into a certain scene, Babenzein took a multi-genre utopia as his springboard for FW21. “I remember at a very young age feeling this was contrary to the entire spirit of artistry – and that musicians certainly would not subscribe to this type of limiting behavior. As time wore on and I became older and more secure in my opinions about music or popular culture in general, it became clear to me that there is tremendous overlap culturally with creators of all types.”

If you’ve ever read anything we have to say on music, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the multidisciplinary approach. It’s why Noah haven’t been afraid here to be eclectic when it comes to stylings, mix-and-matching check blazers and neon pink caps with glorious abandon. Considering last winter we were all hermits, we’re excited to get this clobber on and flaunt it out and about – after we buy everything in the collection, two by two.

The Noah FW21 collection is available now at their Flagship and Amagansett stores, and available on Thursday 19 August online.

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