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by Kitty Robson

Hot off the release of her debut album, the Canadian alt-pop princess takes us inside her closet.

Infectious and emotional are words we’ve become all too familiar with recently, but they’re the perfect ones to exemplify the dynamism of alt-pop rising star Olivia Lunny. A singer-songwriter hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, she began writing and playing music at 12 years old, going on to earn a Western Canadian Music nomination for Pop Artist of the Year when she was just 17 and killing it into the charts. Now though, Olivia is going global, dropping her unique debut album and proving to the world that she’s got what it takes to make it big time.

“I’d love for these songs to become part of the soundtrack to people’s experiences—whether they put on a sadder song to get their feelings out and cry or put on one of the poppier songs to celebrate,” Olivia says of her self titled record. “As an artist that’s all you can really wish for: to leave an imprint on somebody’s life and let them know that someone else understands what they’re feeling.”

Apart from pouring her heart into hit tracks, Olivia Lunny also expresses herself through her unique and sleek sense of style. So we caught up with the vibrant new artist to find out how she’s been kicking it over the last year, as Olivia takes us into her WERKIN’ FROM HOME wardrobe…

“For as long as I can remember I’ve always expressed myself through the clothing I wear. Through the years I’ve gravitated towards different aesthetics and pop culture trends. In high school, I was big into thrifting, loved to wear jean shorts with black nylons and doc martens. As I mature physically and musically, however, I find myself playing with colour, ruffled blouses, unisex oversized clothing, unique jewellery and not limiting myself to “how society wants a young woman to dress” rather how I want to dress. Fashion is art, art is subjective and THAT is why style is such a beautifully personal thing! Through many lockdowns this past year, like many of us, my go-to outfit was an oversized graphic hoodie with some large sweatpants. As the months have passed, and the world is slowly getting back to normal, I’m appreciating more than ever the ability to play with style. For example- adding colour into my wardrobe has been a notable change and I am absolutely loving how it makes me feel!”


“A two-piece suit: for as long I can remember this has been a staple in my closet! Growing up seeing mom wear this so often definitely inspired me. A suit is sophisticated but has the ability to be dressed down with a cropped layer (wynn) underneath, fun jewellery (jennybird earrings & ring, vitaly necklace and ring, colour rings Ivies by Ivy & Shop Sweet Thing) and some sneakers(tiger of Sweden). Safe to say I’m obsessed with this Tiger of Sweden suit.


“Print! The easiest way to make a statement. This blazer (tiger of Sweden) can be thrown on as a dress or over denim to make it casual. Jewellery wise, I’ve recently been loving mixing gold and silver. Pictured: my everyday ring combo (cartier and gucci) each represents a significant person in my family or special event in time! (necklace vitaly, paired with vintage Chanel earrings, cuff bracelet jennybird)”


“Comfort is one of my top priorities when it comes to what I wear! This MISBHV set is elevated, versatile and comfy all at the same time! Worn with a classic pair of Black Doc Martens (with a platform sole) this outfit passes my style test with flying colours! Earrings (vintage by stylist) Rings (cuchara)”


“I love a monochromatic look. Whether it’s a matching dress (fayth) and shoe (stylist) or sweatsuit, to me, this is the easiest way to look put together. Adding the Vitaly chain/bracelet and JennyBird earrings also create an edgier look and add personality. I love how unique these tie up heels are.”

Listen to Olivia Lunny’s debut album here now.

Lyn Alyson
assistant styling
Cenk Papila
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