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The world’s coolest DJ has joined forces with the Indonesian lifestyle brand for a second time, bringing the beach party vibes.

Peggy Gou is cool. We’re not just saying that she can be described as cool. She is cool itself. The definition of cool. She’s DJed in over two-hundred cities, become an instant Insta influencer, done campaigns for FENDI and Louis Vuitton, and inspired what Mixmag called ‘Gou-mania’. That’s cool.

As the now much howled, half-gurned, footie style chant goes: Peggy fucking Gou!

Which is all a precursor to say that you’ll probably be rather intrigued by this new release. She’s teamed up for a second time with Indonesian lifestyle brand Potato Head, part of Desa Potato Head Bali, a creative village with the Potato Head Beach club, Katamama hotel and Creative Centre. It’s a playground for creatives, basically, with beach parties galore.

She’s also a resident at the club, having played NYE there for a fifth time in front of thousands of Gou-maniacs and a beaut sunset. She played alongside DJ Harvey, who’s just opened a club at the new Creative Centre. Absolute madness (in a great way).

The first release saw Peggy and Potato Head drop a collection of illustrated haiwaan shirt-short suits. The latest collection features more jazzy shirts along with two Legong bucket hats, etched with sketches and watermelon and citrus tones. Forget fruit hats – these are legit refreshing pieces of headwear.

The even cooler thing? All the shirts are 100% biodegradable, made with Tencel satin and coconut shell buttons, and all produced locally in Indonesia. In other words, if you’re into sustainability and sizzling techno, they’ve fabricated your fabric dreams.

Guttingly, the first stocking of the collection has already sold-out (‘cos it’s Peggy Fucking Gou, obvs). The good news, though, is that there should be a restock dropping soon.

Now to book that trip to Bali…

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