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A killer combo from the reigning cats and dogs.

The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog, sure, but it’s also lent its image to French-Japanese brand Maison Kitsuné (‘House of Fox’) for the last couple decades. Now, the fashion and record label has teamed up with Puma for a new collaboration, tying together their vulpine and feline motifs for some streetwear gold.

We’ve all heard the classic-meets-modern trope before, but it rings true throughout here, with heritage silhouettes seen through a contemporary French-Japanese design eye. Like an office bin after a spring clean, it’s full of staples, ready to permanently affix themselves onto your hangers, bodies and, likely, bedroom floors. Thick, oversized hoodies and generously shaped tees blend Puma’s lock-up with Maison Kitsune’s vixen, a neat, second-glance visual pun to get streetwear heads nodding with approval.

We’ve then got a selection of coach and track jackets, with pops of lemon sherbert, cherry and blue raspberry joining more versatile neutrals. Logo-adorned zips, hoods, kangaroo pouches and sleeve pockets not only add a sportiness to the garments, but also means you’ll never be caught short when it comes to stashing your valuables.

Baggy, basketball-style shorts and cotton cargo pants are also on offer, both board-ready (surf or skate, whatever skill or location enables) and there to layer above a small selection of kicks, ranging from low-top white sneakers to blockier, seventies-inspired high-tops. The collab’s finished off with a smattering of accessories including caps, dealer bags and a backpack, made for you urbanite pests.

It’s a fittingly sly link-up that makes perfect sense, building on logo synergy that risks a throwaway pet project, but has resulted in a killer streetwear capsule. It’s available now, too, so make like the fox you clocked hanging around the bins the other night and grab yourself some gear.

The Puma x Maison Kitsuné collection is available now via Puma, END or Maison Kitsuné. Take your pick.

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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