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Frogs, dogs, ducks: what the f**k?

When it comes to skateboard brands, Palace reigns Supreme. The London-based label is our board game-winners, expertly churning out streetwear staples with punchy graphics and retro cuts.

Over the last few years, they’ve had Juergen Teller – the famous lensman that trolled everyone with those W Mag covers – shooting their campaigns. Now, they’ve got him on board for a new collab, wheeling-up archive imagery and taking new snaps to superimpose onto a range of garms and decks.

If you know Teller, you’ll know that his images are full-blown mad: like that time he shot Victoria Beckham in a Marc Jacobs bag, or captured Kanye and Kim looking like they’d accidentally found themselves on a DofE hike half-naked. Unsurprisingly, the selects for his Palace collab are equally zany. He’s resurrected his famous ‘frozen dead dog in a bin’ shot taken in 90s Czechoslovakia for a white tee, whacked a load of saturated cigs onto a hoodie and snapped a frog on a dish (‘Teller’ is German for plate) for a shirt.

Then, naturally, there are ducks, football-inspired self-portraits, bathing woofers and full frontal nudes of Kristen McMenamy. The entire collection is stacked with some of the kookiest imagery we’ve seen in a while, the only thing tying them together being Teller and his idiosyncratic imagination. Each one evokes a different vibe, weaving narratives of inner-city grime or animal suffering and always finding beauty in the seedy.

He’s also worked on a few collage prints for the collection, seeing him layer his own personal artefacts and artworks inspired by lockdown. Palace’s apparel becomes a canvas for his wildest thoughts, barely containing his brain-scrambling visions. With Instagram’s move away from photography ringing in our ears, this new link-up is an acid test proving the power of still imagery and the ability of graphic garms to become storytellers.

The Palace x Juergen Teller collab is available from noon Fri 9 July in stores and online – set those bloody alarms.

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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