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Palm AngelsSpring Summer 2024

by Maja Bebber

The spring summer collection is a mix of classic streetwear and sleek tailoring.

Embracing impartiality also entails the courage to adapt one’s defining characteristics, those emblems of inherent value that transcend the limitations of time and change, but which must not stay out of touch with the vibrations of the moment: the logo, the tracksuit, the denim, the link with the city of Los Angeles. The 2024 Spring Summer collection aims to evolve the brand identity by absorbing new ideas and enriching its lexicon with new forms of expression.

In continuous updating mode, the logo becomes oversized and, in some cases, micro, finely embroidered or printed. It is rounded into an exclusive and colourful version to wrap collars, emphasise the elastics of pants and shorts and give a unique flavour to summer garments. An absolute novelty: the logo is written vertically, paired with palm leaves in a new graphic composition ready for future evolutions. The Monogram is equally present and versatile and is enriched with a high-speed effect design for the Racing collection.

Denim combines comfort and versatility, and crosses genres and fits: pants are oversized, women’s jackets are tight, the newest finish is overdyed with profiles that look like brush strokes, and the men’s cargo Bermuda version combines leisure and workwear in a hybrid of style—no limits of weight, material or prints for the classic Palm Angels tracksuit, in everlasting evolution. Absolute new is the use of linen, for leisure coordinates with a lighter aesthetic. But also cotton piqué, with its typical embossed effect, medium-weight, denim-coloured chambray, and satin. The patterns are animalier, paisley or colour block.

Subtle, in different variations of materials and colours, the Georgina Bag has the simplicity of a classic and the lightness of the It-bag, ready for new variations each season. Carried by hand or on the shoulder, with an applied or embroidered logo, it is the meeting point of an eclectic and contemporary aesthetic, mixing streetwear and tailoring. The latest among Palm Angels sneakers is a runner that evolves increasingly in the direction of style, taking on the brand’s signature elements such as the elongated palm tree on the sides. Featuring inserts of suede, leather and technical material, it is the fulcrum on which the outfit is built, no longer an accessory but a foundation of style.

A collection of experiments and challenges, of sartorial twists and sporty allure, anchored firmly in the visual and values of the subcultures of Los Angeles, a city that inspired the brand with its aesthetics and energy and that remains as a connecting point between individual garments and accessories, recognisable in graphics, colours, messages and free spirit that is present in each piece, able to build a coherent conversation between clothing, accessories and lifestyle.

Spirit of freedom, concrete vision of reality and absence of prejudices or preconceived ideas, have been the guiding principles of the creative approach of Francesco Ragazzi, Founder and Creative Director of Palm Angels since the beginning.

“When I design a collection, I always think of our community and its cultural contribution. For me, culture is to the community as evolution is to the values that culture represents within a particular community. Palm Angels was born with an innate sense of freedom that adheres to objective reality, and as a creative director, I like to observe the present and, possibly, try to answer the questions that come directly from the reality that surrounds us. It is not just about clothing but the values I want to express with the brand. Since the beginning, I looked to the codes of the Los Angeles skate scene and other American street cultures and subcultures to refer to a deep sense of belonging expressed by freedom, individuality, and exploration in the broadest sense. All these images are a constant source of inspiration for me”’, says the Creative Director.

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