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We speed up to take a peek into a closet of the unstoppable music and fashion force that is Paloma Ford.

Born in sunny Long Beach, Paloma Ford is the epitome of a California girl. Stunning, spectacularly talented and tough as a rock. A second EP X Tapes, released back in 2020, has only strengthened her position in the international spotlight and confirmed that she’s not playing around. She’s got too much on her plate for any petty games. Being a mother, singer and designer requires stale patience and a strong drive. Paloma’s got it all.

Ford’s feel-good R&B was praised as a revelation of last year and we’re so here for that. Sulky vocals in an emotive tone clashing with chilled Cali vibes is a combo that’s hard to say no to. Paloma’s music makes you feel like you’re not only in the summer hideaway but you could stay in that holiday paradise the whole year long. On top of that, she’s just like one of us. Well, just with a hundred thousand more followers and the coolest designer garms. Still, Paloma understands your struggles as a woman trying to navigate the men’s world which often either ends up in self-doubt themed crisis or a broken heart. Never mind the pain, jump in the car and sing your lungs out, preferably to one of Ford’s tunes. Life can be really be pretty beautiful, especially if you look at Paloma’s new video for ‘All For Nothing’ featuring rapper Rick Ross.

“I’m very optimistic, I try to see the good in others. I love to be able to help and heal people. I’m a private person, so I don’t show everything on social media. In my music, you can recognize moments of sensuality and strength. It’s all part of being a woman. That’s the message. It’s important for me to talk about other situations I’ve been in that other women can relate to,” Paloma shares and reveals that she poured it all into her next, after heartbreak, project ‘X Tapes 2’.

Aside from music, Ford’s other fancy is fashion. From starring in Tia Adeola’s ‘Black is Beautiful’ SS21 short film to collaborating with renowned LA photographer Estevan Oriol on photos for her new collection ‘Westside’, Paloma Ford has the potential to be a style icon for the ages. So join us to take a look inside her closet…

Fashion goes hand in hand with everything I do. As a recording artist, it’s important to have a clear direction of your brand and how fashion/style translates to your vision.  More importantly, it’s another form of therapy and a way to express how I’m feeling or how I’m projecting to feel. I like to have fun with it. Lately, I’ve spent most of my time at home recoding my new project, X Tapes 2, so my number one focus when it comes to style around the house is staying comfortable. It’s all about comfort-chic at the moment. Even as a little girl, I always wanted to pick out my own outfits and match. I grew up following the golden age of fashion, which I’d have to say spans from the 90’s to the early ’00s. It was the epitome of crazy, sexy cool. “


“I love these yellow trousers because you can dress them up or down. They are comfortable, but they still mean business. Paired with the dunks and a comfy white tank (lang has the best basics, in my opinion), whether I’m crossing things off my to-do list or running around town or heading into the studio session, I’m set and ready to go.”


“Swimming is one of my favourite things to do. I love being in water; it’s a great workout and mood booster. This Moncler one-piece fits like a glove, and the cut is sexy but tasteful. A black Dior frame compliments the suit and keeps everything looking sleek.”


“I found this at Fred Segal. This might be one of my favourite fits around my crib! The material is so comfortable. The color is perfect for summer. The pant flair and sweater-like material make me feel very 70s and groovy in a simple, chic way. I definitely want to own more pieces by Lisa Says Gah. You can’t forget the orange Balenciaga to match and the white sandal in case you want to grab lunch while staying comfy!”


“I love to dress in men’s wear. Can you believe this two-piece is from Zara? And it’s so comfortable. The colors and material sold me and I wanted to, but this oversized to add more breathability to the ensemble. I added the pink strappy heal and mini bag to give the perfect feminine touch. It’s all about hi/lo’s and balance; perfect outfit for recording at home.”

Devaugn Williams
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