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by Alex Brzezicka

Tudors to the front, the renaissance rules the runaway.

Paul Costelloe is royalty among Irish and British designers, serving high-quality couture for a few decades now. In 1983, he came as close to the stars as anyone could when working as a personal designer to Princess Diana until her death. He’s a master of threading in luxury, perfecting tailoring for his brand and applying it to corporate wear when conceptualizing uniforms for British Airways and the Irish Olympic Team.

As Costelloe’s one of the most established rulers of the UK’s fashion scene, it’s only rightful of him to serve us something absolutely regal. For his AW22 collection, presented as a part of London Fashion Week, he travelled back in time to the Renaissance era, shook hands with Tudors and stole a few Victorian patterns to incorporate them in the contemporary designs. Enlighten by the past, he envisioned extravagant silhouettes in shades of red, gold and black. Straight from his central London studio and genius ancestors’ imagination.

With an old-fashion flair, Costelloe marries lavish tweeds with over-the-top floral-patterned dressed. The constructions might be a bit too retro for the everyday scenario but, trust me, they must be some vintage-fantasy hungry divas who’d swallowed Paul’s designs within a blink of an eye. Imagine those skirts twirling in a ballroom. Simply fab.

To complement the pieces, models were spotted wearing elegant, tights-like, high-heels covered in ornaments, similar to those often found in classical painting. Costelloe, once again, goes all out on details decorating necks with massive pearls and jewels. All hail the queens.

Amongst the madness that’s taken place during the LFW and the race for the weirdest and most mind-bending conceptions, Paul Costelloe doesn’t seem to care about the competition. Already a virtuoso of his craft, he continues with the concepts that feel closest to his and his clientele’s taste. Long be his reign.

Follow PAUL COSTELLO on Instagram here.

Joe Porritt
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