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Perfect Ten:Komono celebrates a decade with a new capsule


Antwerp brand Komono have released a new collaboration with renowned Munich-based design agency Bureau Mirko Borsche.

Any fashion label needs two qualities: time and vision. Even more so when that’s what you’re literally selling. Antwerp brand Komono focuses on just two accessories – watches and glasses – with clinical clarity. They are, after all, perhaps the two most essential of fashion add-ons. No matter how many details your Rolex has, it still tells the time; no matter how suave your Thierry Lasrys are, they still let you see.

They’ve now been out here changing the game for ten years. The label started up in 2009 under the watchful eyes of Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, its beginnings humble. “Growth is great,” Janssens says in the new campaign, “but it was never our goal to be the biggest.”

Instead, it’s about integrity. “Our goal is to become even better, translate who we are even more clearly,” Janssens thinks. “Our vision is what drives us: to create contemporary and inclusive fashion from Antwerp that pushes for progression and captures the zeitgeist.”

This zeitgeist – the literal spirit of time – is what Komono’s new collection captures, incubating it into a tangible timepiece. The 10Y Capsule Collection is splattered with patterns; the pitter-patter of all walks of life turned into a pick ‘n’ mix of tick-tocks. Flames turn molten with paisley, and tie-dyes become translucent X-Ray style. It’s damn good fun.

The eyewear is equally endearing. The rubberized black coating gives the frames a curvy, tactile satisfaction to its shape. Again, the patterns – from camo to animal print – pepper the designs.

There are loads of secrets that reveal themselves through time, too. The watches have hidden bits of wordplay on the back of the strap, linked to the designs on the front. ‘LIKE A MOTH TO A FLAME’ recalls modern moth memes while ‘I DON’T NEED YOUR FLOWERS’ cheekily reads like a cheesy 80s lyric.

As forward-looking as the capsule may seem, it’s also proven time to reflect. Ten years isn’t an easy feat for any design brand, and Janssens recognises this. “In this business of fashion the pace is so fast, there’s hardly time to think,” he says.

So what’s next? “At Komono, we live in the now, with our gaze directed towards the future,” he says in the campaign interview. Time will tell, right?

The imagery and new-look creative are in collaboration with renowned Munich-based design agency Bureau Mirko Borsche (Balenciaga, Nike, Études, Kitsune, Givenchy), the collection consists of five watches and five sunglasses.

Shop Komono here.

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