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This capsule’s outta this world.

We could all do with our own space in the cosmos right now, far away from Planet Earth where everything seems to be going into red-light, siren-warbling mode. Thanks, then, to LA-based streetwear brand C2H4, who are back with a new ‘Private Planet’ collection (clothes, not actual celestial bodies to rent, sadly).

Imagined as a planet in which music and poetry are the only forms of communication, it’s half cosmic half sonic, taken from the ever-whirring mind of Yixi Chen. “There is no end to the music, no end to the chanting,” Chen writes in a preface. “This is a small celestial habitat standing alone in the minor spiral arm of a distant galaxy.”

If it sounds conceptual it is; and if it sounds good, it really is. Studded with a new range of #R003 Hardware (technical zips, buttons, clasps and the like), it’s an extensive catalogue running through jackets, hoodies, tees, trousers, shorts, caps, accessories and everything in-between. 

Unsurprisingly, Chen’s vision is typically monochromatic, aside from pops of electric blue and red roses. Everything feels like Camden in the year 3000 – leather jackets, rock-chick tank tops and distressed belts drip with grunge, while guitar motifs and serif fonts remind us of the kind of logos you’d find on a Download poster.

There’s scores of interesting accessories, too, from the silver Logo Brooch to a Badged Beret that places you onto the art school department of some sort of futuristic ship, to thermos sensitive leather-clad bags bringing the heat. There’s also a mini guitar bag which, at a push, you might be able to squeeze your tiny violin from 2020 in.

Set for release on Feb 8, it’s backed with a forward-looking lookbook and all the usual campaign trimmings to enjoy. If you fancy escaping somewhere with the power of fashion, this is your ticket outta here – go rock it.

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