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Pleasures SS24:Mood Indigo Music

by Maja Bebber

Los Angeles, February 19, 2024 – PLEASURES releases their Spring 2024 collection entitled “Mood Indigo Music”.

The Spring ’24 season from PLEASURES is a celebration of individuality and creative expression, bringing together signature bold graphics, vibrant colours, and thought-provoking messaging. With unexpected silhouettes and shapes, the collection pushes boundaries and challenges conventional fashion norms.

Central to this season is PLEASURES’ curated collaborative roster, which features exciting partnerships that further enhance the brand’s unique aesthetic. Among the standout collaborations is an official collection with AC Milan, the iconic Italian football club, merging the worlds of sport and style in a dynamic fusion of design. Additionally, PLEASURES has teamed up with Puma Sportstyle to create an exclusive range of sneakers and clothing that seamlessly blend functionality with fashion-forward sensibilities.

In addition to these high-profile collaborations, PLEASURES continues to champion emerging artists and musicians, spotlighting their creativity within the collection. Collaborations with artists such as The Faint and MSPAINT bring a distinctive auditory dimension to the Spring ’24 range, with designs inspired by their unique sounds and visual identities.

All collaborative pieces and the Spring ’24 collection will be available exclusively through, offering fans and enthusiasts worldwide the opportunity to experience the latest offerings from PLEASURES firsthand. From statement-making graphics to innovative design concepts, the Spring ’24 season is set to redefine contemporary streetwear and inspire individuals to embrace their personal style with confidence and authenticity.

Quinn Dunziellas
Nikki Nixon & Fanny Ramirez
Karen Gonzales
Styling Assistant
Angela Ruis
Madison Wade, Cameron Chen & Westone Carter
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