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The Japanese legends turn thirty with a new multi-pocketed, sharply-detailed denim capsule.

Thirty’s the scary one, isn’t it? As soon as you hit your late teens, the spectre of thirty looms with an intense presence, ready to drag you into the fourth decade of your life and towards weightier responsibilities and more painful aches and pains. We say, then, that it’s imperative to see it in via something mega; and it seems EVISU feel the same.

For their thirtieth, the Osaka-born brand is celebrating in style with a new Anniversary Capsule, threading together their 1991 and 2021 identities via a vintage belt loop. Showcasing their classic Seagull Print and EBISU (sic!) trademark, they’ve drawn on a calligraphic representation of ‘thirty’ to announce the big three-zero. A stitched Godhead design enters into the collection, too, elevating their denim further into something legitimately heavenly.

The main offering is the Retro Denim Set, using ‘selvedge’ (stemming from ‘self-edge’, meaning it’s clean cut) denim and printing the Seagull Print across the front and back. The big-energy statement ‘BEFORE ANYTHING EVISU DID EVERYTHING’ appears scrawled on the jacket, while an array of pockets on the jeans form an ‘M’ shape around a Godhead leather patch.

Printed hoodies appear in pink and grey, similarly fortified with a handful of pockets. The Japanese numeral for ‘30’ appears on the tag, nodding towards the brand’s birthday, while six patches appear and the back and ‘30TH ANNIV’ is embroidered on the slit pockets. We can only assume that they ran out of space, eh?

If you’re looking for something that truly doesn’t age, there’s a Logo Tee emblazoned with a single Seagull Motif on the front and reinforced with a rib collar. Again, pockets appear on the back panel and sleeves, assuring that you can tuck away your valuables with total ease. Pair it with the thin-brimmed Bucket Hat for a co-ordinated look, matching up your Seagull Prints and featuring even more pockets for roll-ups, lighters, sunnies and other stashable miniatures.

It might be a bit of a stretch claiming that EVISU were doing everything before anyone else, but they’ve certainly been up to a lot in a relatively small period of time, becoming nothing short of iconic thanks to their detail-orientated denim. Real talk; for us, the Seagull Print is up there with the Fendi Zucca motif or Kappa’s Omini logo, the kind of instantly-recognizable symbol that gets you gassed. So to see it all over the new collection fills us with happiness; and makes us feel infinitely better about turning thirty ourselves…

The Evisu Thirtieth Anniversary Collection is available now here.

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