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Swish, Swiss and Swedish.

We’ve kept eyes on Projekt Produkt for a while now. Their take on Korean eyewear fashion is a neatly curated balance between design and quality, minimalism and detail. All the good stuff, basically.

Founder Lee Hyun-Ho actually comes from an optics background rather than fashion, so he knows a thing or 10 about glasses. They love a collab, too, linking every year with designers for new capsules.

This time, they’ve got Carina Seth Andersson—a Swedish ceramic designer—on board. She’s known for her simple, focused approach, creating pieces that hit an elusive quality of timelessness. She’s applied her skills with glass to eyewear, and come up with an ace vision.

All the pieces use the colour palette of Le Corbusier, the Swiss architect and painter known for his desaturation approach (a softer, less bright and less loud effect to colour grading). 

His iconic combination of beige, green, burgundy, blue and grey has been used as a starting easel from which to work from, and the effects are excellent. The tones are so delicate and dusty they almost look like natural woods—blending stunningly with home decor or a refined, Scandi wardrobe.

In an accompanying video, Andersson talks more about her design. “[Putting Le Corbusier’s colours], together with a classic frame,” she says, “I want to achieve something different.”

And how does she know when she’s finished? “When it’s done, it’s done,” she puts simply. “That’s when you know you are home.” Amen to that.

Shop now on Projekt Produkt’s official website.

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