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by Kyle MacNeill

We’ll lasso the whole lot, please, Bey.

Beyonce’s latest collaboration with Adidas sure isn’t her first rodeo. Taking it back to her Texan roots, the icon’s Ivy Park brand has teamed up with the German sportswear giants several times over the past few years, and whether it’s for swimwear or footwear, it’s always been an essential part of the sportier, comfier half (read: 90%) of our wardrobe.

This one is literally all about rodeo culture. Inspired by Beyonce’s memories of family outings in Houston – from the cow roping to the cotton candy – it’s a love letter to the historical contribution of Black cowboys. It’s no secret that we live for Western-inspired fashion, whether it’s yeehaw hats or nineties Mom jeans, so naturally we’re crushing on this harder than an osmium bulldozer.

Spanning over fifty pieces, the main pattern, unsurprisingly, is cow print, but with a ‘purple glow’ to add something extra special. You’ll find that showcased across leggings, sports bras and skirts, letting you rock a bovine co-ord from sports club to nightclub. The other winner is a denim range, featuring bodysuits, joggers and bucket hats embellished with Adidas’ iconic three stripes (there’s also a raunchy pair of chaps for some literal ranch dressing).

Elsewhere, you’ll find pieces made from terrycloth, a towel fabric applied to a throw-on hoodie, plus monogram denim shorts for an elevated take on sportswear. Accessories are on offer, too, via bucket hats and socks, and a range of footwear, including Bey’s take on the Super Sleek Shoes and Ultraboost OG Trainers. There’s also kids sizing for the first time, meaning the whole family can get in formation.

“We were inspired by the culture and swag of the Houston rodeo,” Beyonce said in a statement. “We combined classic elements with the athleticwear of Ivy Park x Adidas, adding our own spin, monogrammed denim, chaps, and cowhide.” It’s not just another cheap Westernwear spin-off, though; it’s drawing attention to the discrimination faced by Black cowboys, reclaiming their role in cowboy culture.

“Many of them were originally called cowhands, who experienced great discrimination and were often forced to work with the worst, most temperamental horses,” she continued. “They took their talents and formed the Soul Circuit. Through time, these Black rodeos showcased incredible performers and helped us reclaim our place in western history and culture.”

Perhaps we’re just suckers for anything rootin-tootin’, but we genuinely think this collab has it all. Sized from XXXS to 4XL, grounded in progressive social politics and unashamedly fun, it’s an all-round winner ready for budding cowpeople of all ages and sizes. We’re not sure if Beyonce still carries hot sauce in her bag: but she’s definitely now carrying ranch.

The Ivy Park x adidas Rodeo collection is available now, ready to lasso here

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