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by Kyle MacNeill

This gabber-inspired collection from MCQ makes our heart reach 200bpm.

Life’s so slow-mo at the mo that going clubbing again is going to be a strange one. It’s been exactly a year now since any of us have skipped into a throbbing, hot-wired venue, the kind with alcohol perspiring from the ceilings and smoking areas worthy of starting a new religion.

The best we can do for now, then, is to get prepared with some new lobber. Enter Alexander McQueen diffusion label MCQ, supplying us all with a rave-inspired collection titled ‘Fantasma’. It’s the fruit of several creatives’ minds, including Italian DJ Gabber Eleganza, image-maker Victor Naumovski and emerging designer Randa Kerba. Galvanised by the spirit of gabber (that mad 200bpm genre that Dutch clubbers love) and inspired by local fairground and joyriding subcultures, it’s a frenetic energy flash of sound and vision made for reaching the lasers.

Adaptability is the connector of the collection, supplied via a lot of the pieces being customizable. Tracksuits and vests reverse at will, jumpsuits transform into jeans and jackets and a skirt becomes shorts at the flick of a zip. Meaning, essentially, that you can have swap from look to look throughout the night to spark a second wave of energy.

The garments also feature glow-in-the-dark panels that’ll keep you lit and nylon applique that changes colour as it heats up, which, if you’ve ever been to anything remotely close to a gabber night, will fade into its second colour permanently after approximately one second of entering Sound and vision is further explored through the graphics and prints, inspired by MCQ’s event at Peckham Audio, capturing the laser-focused movement of the night via reflective details, a motorbike-inspired carbon graphic and a ‘burst’ print. Everything’s finished off with a special ‘Fantasma’ logo, lettering that somehow recalls old rave posters and gothic typography at the same time.

As a collection it’s worth raving about, and seems especially timely with the prospect of going out, for the first time in ages, actually seeming possible. We’ll take the whole lot please, MCQ – and can we have two waters, please, while we’re at it?

To check out the collection join the global platform online here.

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