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Even more proof that the '90s are officially back.

It might be time to start a ’90s column. The fashion world can’t get their heads out of the decade at the moment; only recently we’ve covered DKNY’s Tech collection, Wrangler’s retro release and Dickie’s colour-block tribute. No complaints from us, though. The golden age of dance music can’t be beat, as far as we’re concerned.

Joining the party? Rupture, the techno-infused label from Paris. They’ve had a trainer-clad foot in the rave since their inception, worn by DJs such as Berghain legend Ben Klock and UK party starter Rebekah.

They’ve picked an ace point of inspiration for their collection: rave posters. Splattered with psychedelic colourings and otherworldly names, they were a paper portal to a serotonergic paradise. With our digital apocalypse yet to have arrived, promoters in the ’90s had to catch eyes with an A3 advert, and they sure got good at doing so.

The Rupture logo has been given a neon spin, popping from the seams with trippy vibes. Their usual tongue-in-cheek take on instructive captions is back—this time their short sleeve tee reads: ‘Made for Clubbing’ (with German and Dutch translations, in case you want to convince Berghain or Shelter that you’re a local). 

Similarly, their long-sleeve is plastered with ‘Rupture Acid,’ above a warped science-lab label listing the ingredients. House heads will grin at their Fantazia tee, too, showcasing a design lifted from one of the decade’s most iconic raves. 

Unsurprisingly, every tee on offer is black, meaning that you’ll be able to get in your favourite dingy dive with no worries. The collection is made entirely in France, each design printed on thick 100 percent French cotton to weather the hardiest of raves. 

You can cop the collection now online. See you at the front, righthand speaker

The Rupture SS20 collection is available now on their e-shop.

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