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Saga NYC:Bow collection

by Maja Bebber

"My collection titled “BOW” is a stark statement on patriarchy & the Western ideological manifestation of products and diluted symbology."

Multidisciplinary designer & artist residing in NYC under the moniker SAGA NYC; Sandra Gagalo’s work centres around gender & sustainability while drawing inspiration from NYC subculture & futurism. Press features include notable publications like PAPER Magazine, Document Journal, NYLON, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Galore, L’officiel, Ladygunn, Office Magazine, Huff Post, Out & Page Six. Celebrities such as Azealia Banks, Noah Cyrus, Nelly Furtado, Coco Rocha, Leah McSweeney, Amanda Lepore & Susanne Bartsch have worn designs by SAGA NYC. NYFW collections have been presented in many formats including an off-Broadway production at the Producer’s Club exploring gender identity in the digital age, Art Basel: Satellite Art Show & Brooklyn Museum: Verge Genderless fashion show.

The solution offered to dismantle the patriarchy is none other than the slogan ‘SOUL NOT FOR SALE.’ This message suggests a call for authenticity and self-expression, encouraging people to prioritize their inner values and beliefs over external expectations. By incorporating patches in place of traditional branding the designer is ironically making a statement on rejecting the commodification often associated with fashion.
The extensive use of bows on staple garments and accessories stands for the matriarchy but also brings up a conversation about society’s homogenous definition of femininity, and individuality, and the impact of consumer culture on societal norms. Converted ‘SOUL NOT FOR SALE,’ manifesto hardcover books are painted over stark white, page by page, to represent how modern culture has commodified aesthetics and information. The designer is automatically covering up information of the past with a sterile frivolity. SAGA NYC presents a collection offering a mix of gender-fluid silhouettes, unconventional use of mesh, and subverted upcycled garments. Each piece is meticulously crafted from repurposed second-hand clothing, discarded vintage & locally sourced deadstock materials.


  • REPURPOSED Wide-Leg Denim Jeans, REPURPOSED Cropped Denim Jacket (Upcycled Vintage Jeans)
  • REPURPOSED Tailored T-shirt (Upcycled second-hand t-shirt) Gold/Black Bow Skirt (Deadstock Metallic Mesh)
  • Gold/Black Shirred Button-Up, Gold/Black BOW Pants (Deadstock Metallic Mesh)
  • Pale Pink Suspension Button-Up Shirt- Ruffle Mini Skirt (Castaway Cotton)
  • REPURPOSED Twisted Tee, REPURPOSED T-skirt (Upcycled second-hand t-shirts) White SAGA Purse (Upcycled plastic bags)
  • REPURPOSED T-dress (Upcycled second-hand t-shirts)
  • Black Half-zip hoodie, Black BOW Pants (Deadstock Neoprene)
  • Black Illusion Bralette, Black Illusion Panty (Leftover cutting scraps of  Mesh) Gold/Black Bow Gloves, Gold/Black Bow Thigh-Highs, Hat-Cape (Deadstock Metallic Mesh)
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