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SecridLess Is More

by George Ellerby

Made in Holland, Secrid design sleek, beautifully designed wallets and Cardprotectors.

“Less is more.” Although there is a degree of uncertainty that the aphorism can be attributed to architect Mies van der Rohe, it is indisputable that its essence endures. Rohe’s statement goes beyond the boundaries of architecture; it has permeated many more aspects of our lives, from fashion to design.

As consumers, possessing fewer items, but items of both authentic origin and high quality, is a lifestyle that many strive to adopt. Understandably so: many report that removing clutter from their lives improves their life quality. People leading a more simplistic, minimal lifestyle have found themselves feeling freer, lighter, and able to invest more time in the moment and what matters to them. As romantic as it can seem to want to lead a simplistic lifestyle, we still – of course – must possess certain items.

However, as opposed to collecting an array of items of poor build, we can consider, with more considerable attention, possessing and purchasing quality, well-executed, everyday products. When well-designed and thought through, seemingly mundane or commonplace possessions suddenly gain greater gravity in our lives. And for the better.

Several factors have led to a distrust of companies and brands. With this, suspicion has come to a greater need for companies to demonstrate the authenticity of their products. We no longer live in an age where a product in and of itself is enough. The internet age, in particular, has encouraged higher consumer consciousness, where ignorance is no longer an excuse. Transparency, corporate responsibility, and authenticity of a product and its origins have become as important – if not more important – than the product itself.

Made in Holland, Secrid design sleek, beautifully designed wallets and Cardprotectors. Secrid place a strong emphasis on the quality of the components that make up their iconic wallets. The company source full-grain leather exclusively within Europe, chiefly favouring Holland-based leather suppliers in an active effort to support and revitalise Holland’s leather industry. Secrid’s efforts with revamping the leather trade in Holland have allowed large scale production to return to a country where it once suffered.

With progressive attitudes towards the treatment of their suppliers and their own employees, Secrid’s wallets are designed to line the pockets of the conscious individual; providing security of conscience in addition to the more literal, with features such as RFID and NFC protection being provided as standard.

Following the launch of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Secrid has a variety of Cardprotectors and wallets to meet a variety of needs. Whether you’re entirely contactless or need a secure place for your notes, Secrid has a cardholder or wallet perfect for your pretty pennies.

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