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We can’t get enough of these retro-future shades.

What did the future look like? That’s what retrofuturism is all about – it’s a trippy, kaleidoscopic time-warp of past futures and future pasts – and it continues to crawl back into fashion like that creepy scuttling bug from The Matrix.

Yixi Chen’s LA-based label ‘C2H4’ (that’s ethene, psychonauts) has been on our radar for a while. Back in March (i.e. lifetimes ago) they released a Berghain-ready capsule titled ‘Neonaissance’ which got our brains ticking and our mind fucked-up.

Now, the label has released its first-ever eyewear collection. It’s a link-up with upcoming glasses brand Renoner, the niche visionaries currently cooking up paradigm-shifting glasses made for futurists.

If we said it looked very ‘90s, you wouldn’t know if we meant the 1990s or 2090s. There are two new models – the ‘NOVA’ and the ‘XENOTROPHY’ – each with two acid-dipped colourways and shimmery, reflective lenses.

All the glasses are kitted-out with decorative ‘scouters’. It might sound like a footie reference, but it’s actually inspired by the tech of Dragonball Z – a ’scouter’ in the animated series is a wearable computer that Frieza’s army wears to detect the power levels of enemies. Y2K gold dust, that.

Each colourway has an imagined ‘channel’ that the glasses ‘tune’ into – ‘Kablank’, ‘Vagyreen’, ‘Makibow’ and ‘Rontecoank’ – with a relevant character and story.

The cherry emoji on top? C2H4 are releasing two Instagram filters based on the glasses. The filters essentially make the world look like how they would through the glasses, released on the product launch day.

Basically, you’ve just landed yourself in a Ridley Scott film, and you didn’t even realise. Congrats.

The C2H4 x Renoner Eyewear Collection is available here from June 25th at 11am.

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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