Connecting product and person, producer Xander Ghost’s brand ‘A Better Feeling’ is something to keep your eyes on: and he’s given us a mix to get your ears round.

Don’t give up the ghost. Sure, Halloween’s crept round the corner; but we’ve got our peepers on a new figurative poltergeist. We’re talking about producer Xander Ghost, the enigmatic electronic music producer and self-proclaimed ‘anti-artist’ making waves for his wavey design.

Born in Cairo, Xander Ghost hit the internet a couple of years back through debut solo project ‘Psychotropica’. It’s not like he wasn’t busy before then – he produced for Florence and the Machine – but he’d been behind the controls rather than in front of the camera, credited rather than gaining creds.

That changed rapidly, with the artist (sorry, ‘anti-artist’) building up hype for his directing, producing, singing and pretty much every other discipline under the sun of every galaxy.

Now, he’s set his sights to eyewear. A Better Feeling is about multi-sensory experience, mirroring Ghost’s synesthesia and interdisciplinary genius. Technical materials are shaped into four stand-out silhouettes, framing your eyes with a properly futuristic vision.

To celebrate, Ghost has given us an exclusive mix, stuffed with his eclectic, electric sounds. Listen below now.

The campaign pics below are a feast for your eyes, too. They’re SLR gone LSD, combining textured details with trippy blurs and psychedelic colourings.

Forget rose-tinted glasses; these ones are more acid-dipped.


Words by Kyle MacNeill

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