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The iconic US brand are back on the ‘90s horse with Mom jeans and postcard prints.

Wrangler are back with their SS20 collection, and it certainly ain’t their first rodeo. The US brand has been doubling up on denim for almost seventy five years now, fulfilling all our cowboy and cowgirl dreams with their ranch-ready garms.

Like loads of other established brands at the moment (Levis, DKNY), Wrangler have been digging up their archives for retro looks made new. While its western-wear approach goes back to the 40s or 50s, this time it’s lassoed its tape-measure firmly round the 90s.

So what have they got for you, partner? Denim, obviously, is mined throughout the collection, lightweight but authentic, mixing dark washes with nineties lighter hues.

They’ve introduced a new Texas Slim fit, too for men: which sounds like a pack of 60s ciggies but is actually a straight-cut, straight-out-of-the-nineties silhouette for their jeans. For women, Mom jeans and chinos rule the roost, meaning maximum comfort and style. Rad.

Colour block colourways are added throughout their denim pieces too, playing on the contrast patterns that gets every western shirt aficionado gassed. It’s also all over their jackets and fleeces, giving a sporty, proto-rave vibe to the looks.

Graphics are all over the shop, too. From its iconic rainbow motif to souvenir style ‘tourist shirts’, it’s taking a trip to the beach via a variety of vintage sales. They’ve brought back a ‘Jeanies’ logo for womenswear, too, which is cute and kitsch and retro and tactile and basically we want it tattooed on ourselves now.

The checkmate? Their check shirts, splattering their more serious shades with surfer tones. Dark reds and blues are infused with light yellows, greens and reds, like a Twister lolly twisted into clobber.

All in all, it’s a dream wardrobe for denim stans and 90s fans, a road trip across the West Coast in a banged-up Cadillac, reading Kerouac.

It taps into the western-wear trend perfectly, too (and country rap); though of course, that’s what Wrangler have always been doing.

Giddy up, fanboys.

Shop the look now.

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