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Scandinavian brand Sandqvist have bagged themselves a delightful collab.

In many ways, the OG Polaroid camera should be obsolete. The chunky, clunky exterior is a pain to lug around; the printing can be temperamental, and the film costs more than a new box-office release.

But, as the recent tiny bag trend shows, form often trumps function, and the gimmicky printing of a Polaroid is still just as darn charming. Enter Scandinavian bag designers Sandqvist, who have tightened up its portability with a new collection of accessories.

Four pieces have been developed – a backpack, bum bag, tote bag and camera strap – which will sort your Polaroid and probably still give you room for a picnic. All items are made from post-consumer waste, turning the likes of PET bottles into water-repellent carriers for your cameras.

The details are just as endearing as Outkast’s choice camera. Three colourways (red, yellow, blue) hark back to Polaroid’s primary colour branding, plus each piece has custom slots to slide-in your slickest slides for safekeeping. There are also separators to keep any other valuables in their own tiny homes.

Originally, Sandqvist and Polaroid had wanted to collaborate with four upcoming photographers to ‘reframe’ four iconic cities – Paris, London, Stockholm and Berlin. These would’ve been collated into a mini in-store exhibition for all to see.

Unfortunately, due to lockdown, this was no longer possible. But, cleverly, they’ve melded together with the images into a collage that’ll be displayed virtually.

The ‘Reframed’ collection is available to cop online from May 20 – so whip out your length of string, grab those rusting pegs and get ready to rediscover shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

Visit the Sandqvist website now.

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