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The Classic Leather collab draws upon a seventies colour palette and earthy tones.

Turns out beige isn’t beige at all. Last night, we saw Reebok and PLEASURES tease a new combo, with milk chocolate and caramel ice-cream tones competing in a sweet-as collab (more on that ASAP).

For now, get your eyes on this. This new release sees Reebok using brown tones again alongside zany LA-based outfit Brain Dead, who are currently popping up everywhere with remixes of classic silhouettes (see this North Face link-up, say).  

Brain Dead head-honcho Kyle NG is on design duties as usual for this one, citing comics and post-punk as influences. The shoe features a blend of velvety leathers (suede and nubuck) and a custom label for the detail-heads among us.

Fuzzy lemon laces top everything off, somewhere in-between a pipe-cleaner and noodle (in the best way possible). The style of lace is a first for Reebok, and it’s a killer look.

We see the comic undertones, but for us, the hues scream seventies. Typical orange and browns blend together for a gorgeously retro, kitsch feel that makes us think of Guzzini, Gabicci and Kubrick’s set design.

The accompanying video is a delight, too. Drawing on the shoe’s natural, earthy colourway, it sees legendary puppeteer Bob Baker bring his squad of hand-crafted flower and tree marionettes to a mushrooming land of make-believe fauna. 

If that doesn’t make it clear, then this will – you’d be an absolute muppet if you missed out on these.

The Reebok x Brain Dead Classic Leather is now available on and on next Friday, June 26th.

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