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The social activism brand fuses with Olafur Eliasson’s solar energy company for a radiant new capsule.

The sun, eh? It’s pretty alright, that big ol’ star in the sky. Without it, photosynthesis would stop, every plant would die, all the animals would keel over and we’d hit zero degrees Fahrenheit within a week, which isn’t too sunny a thought. 

This new capsule from TOMORROW (nice name) makes sure we don’t forget the ‘Power of the Sun’, and instead appreciate the opportunities it creates for sustainable living. They’ve teamed up with Little Sun, a not-for-profit initiative founded by Olafur Eliasson to provide universal clean energy. Since launching in 2021, they’ve sparked 58 million extra study hours for children via their solar lamps and mitigated 800,000 metric tons of CO2. all thanks to solar power.

The collection sees four artists contribute their designs to a range of PETA-approved tees, sweats and totes: made-to-order, produced with green inks (environmentally-friendly, not the colour, init) and using recycled materials. First up is Pia Riverola, a Barcelona-based image-maker; then there’s Hye Sea, a zero-waste artist and sun-obsessee; B.D. Graft, a bright-thinking, Amsterdam-based creative and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, a world-renowned illustrator.

This blend of creative juices has resulted in a serotonergic, joyful collection that, while varying in artistic style, is unified by a sense of sheer happiness. Even better is the fact that fifty per cent of all proceeds are divvied up between the artists and Little Sun, continuing its mission of providing clean energy for all. From vivid, in-bloom flowers to cartoon suns, tropical birds to deep-breathing illustrations, it’s a capsule filled with Vitamin D. 

The TOMORROW x Little Sun collection is available now here.

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