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by Alex Brzezicka and Kyle MacNeill

Two cult footwear labels hook up for three new pairs of rock-solid boots.

You can’t beat a pair of boots, and – in fact – we like a pair of boots that beats everything, from torrential rain to mountainous terrains. There’s nothing more satisfying than stomping from the crunchy leaves of autumn into the gritty streets of winter, your feet unperturbed by however icy the kerbs might be. It’s why we’re always on the lookout for the perfect stomper; this new collaboration from both and Palladium does the trick from eyelets to soles.

Inspired by militaristic uniforms and outdoor apparel, the brands’ new GAO EVA silhouette features in three colourways, black, white and beige, to fit every shade of your fight-on mood, ready to face any icy surfaces or attitudes. It borrows the best bits from two brands and is based on Palladium’s signature canvas model dating back to 1947. Fusing head-on approach and practical advancements embedded in the label’s DNA with the experimental design, we get a strong competitor in the contemporary classics field.

No matter if it’s urban or a real jungle, those boots are made for walking all over both sticky clubs’ floors and water-flowing grounds. The rubber uber-sole and army-grade canvas, like the lightweight armour, will protect your feet from any open-air inconveniences. Equipped in those, you can let your guard down when enjoying the wildest winter adventures. Lace up and venture outside of the comfort zone. Cold or not, if prepared right, you’ll be unstoppable, storming through the frozen streets.

Palladium and both cooked us a collaboration we didn’t know we needed but definitely deserved. Palladium’s aviation-orbiting origins and vulcanised rubber technologies combined with both’s experimental but sturdy, artistry sourcing in East-meet-West aesthetics, are reflected in the supreme silhouette. The brands got not only that but also the timing right. The drop arrived just before Christmas while the weather keeps on challenging our Autumn-stuck wardrobes as we’re on the early-early gift hunt. May the odds be in our favour. If not, we’ve got new kickers to do the dirty work for us.

Shop Palladium x both online here now.

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