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Inspired by iconic sporting victories and autumnal hues, this new Champion collection is a winner.

Is there anything more versatile than Athleisure? Working out, staying in, raving, eating, sleeping (repeating). A stylish, comfy pair of track-pants or sling-over hoodie are like second skins, only to be shed when something smart says so.

The new Champion Rochester collection taps into that adaptability like an all-rounder that can bat, bowl, field and dress well. It’s as durable and hardy as you’d expect, but maintaining the ‘90s sportswear aesthetic that they champion.

Subtle seasonal touches have been sprinkled over the pieces. A black velour top becomes slicker rather than slacker; dusty pinks lift tees and trackies; burnt oranges add a pinch of pumpkin; while burgundy tones add a snug hug of winter warmth.

In terms of items, Champion have every base covered. Starting from the top, there are classic beanies to keep your head cosy without making your barnet look barmy. Then you’ve got spelt out tees coupled with velvety track jackets, kangaroo flap pullovers, staple drawstring hoodies and a graffiti style sweatshirt.

Joining the wardrobe are motif yoga pants, tape trackies and skirts and a white, orange and black pair of shorts that could make the standout bottom layer for a last minute Halloween costume.

Both athletic and aesthetic, it’s as much for clubs as it is for nightclubs. Nice one, Champion. As the old adage goes: it’s not the taking part but the winning that counts.

Not about taking part.

Shop the look.

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