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by Alex Brzezicka

Keep your eyes peeled as we introduce you to a new global brand about to take the industry by storm: it’s SOONTOBEANNOUNCED.

Always on the lookout for the brands that not only run with the spirit of the new generation but are there to win the race, we spotted SOONTOBEANNOUNCED. A newly founded creative collective treats the task they set for themselves seriously. It is to be one step ahead and to show us that a blank slate is still a possibility. When you stick with STBA, something great is guaranteed to come along.

Launched around the (post)pandemic havoc, STBA didn’t waste the given time and did their design research. Inspired by the current trends and youth energy, the brand proposed a twist on the traditional silhouettes, starting with the Summer Essentials Collection. It features high-quality comfort wear like heavy-weight hoodies ready to face all the challenges, including a snuggly winter night in or an outdoor escapade and ribbed dresses for a cute casual day. Made from hoodie waste, the dresses deserve a sustainability star. Actually, for anyone astrology-obsessed, STBA has a capsule collection, Zodiac, featuring each of the signs.

Known as mostly an accessibly luxurious streetwear brand, SOONTOBEANNOUNCE didn’t fear exploring new territories. Presenting the RIVERA collection, the brand proved that they can also play, and nail, the high fashion game. The flowy shirts with bold graphics and white maxi dresses would steal the stares of any passer-by. They hit a sweet spot in between minimalism and bravery.

STBA is here to invite us on a journey into the unknown with them. All of us, no matter race, sexuality, gender or beliefs. The brand wants to champion an inclusive kind of fashion utopia where everyone gets to write their own story. What it’s going to be? It’s up to you. There’s no need to reveal it just yet. STBA promotes the mysterious approach where it’s ok to not know what the future holds just yet. We’re sure it’s gonna be exciting. The rest is SOONTOBEANNOUNCED. Watch out for more.

Check out SOONTOBEANNOUNCED online here.

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