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by Alex Brzezicka

Venture into the liquid paradise of Eleoff’s new collection captured by photographer Norman Wong.

Steff Eleoff is a household name for experimental elegance. Her liquefied metal jewellery, wrapping around the body like exquisite extensions, deserves our undivided attention. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Doja Cat found the pieces worthy of incorporating into their extravagant outfits. As the cold slowly creeps into our homes and winter is on the horizon, Steff Eleoff emerges with gems-stoned wearable works of art. A stunning range of rings, necklaces and crosses are showcased in a slow-burning distortion by photographer Norman Wong.

A self-taught designer and silversmith Steff Eleoff creates jewellery for generations of fashion-forward free thinkers. A dystopic backbone in the DNA of her work makes them unique examples of contemporary artistry. The dripping, flowy forms fit into the current mass obsession with anything alternative. However, Steff’s experimentations are nowhere near the mainstream. They venture into the almost royal territory, showing off rich sapphires, spinels and more. The brand offers rebellion 2.0, insubordination to the tradition performed with grace.

The Winter collection features a series of shockingly beautiful artefacts. Our hearts ache for Storm Ring in Black Spinel, an essence of cool elegance to make every day special. For anyone who dares to step away from the ordinary, they prepared two pedants, Inspired by Christian symbolism: The Hallowed Cross and The Divine Cross. We’re devoted to acquiring both. For the low-key days when any decision seems like an ungodly task, there’s Baby Cuff, a small calendar accessory that’ll bring out an x-factor in every outfit.

We stan any creative collaboration that pays homage to details, and shot by shot, slowly unravels the narrative. That’s the case of Steff Eleoff’s campaign shot by super talented Norman Wong. The photographer reimagines the spirit of the brand, existing somewhere in between a state of flux and a deep-rooted belief in cutting-edge excellence. Wielding soft light and grain textures, Norman created a mysterious realm inhabited by glamorous mystics of the modern age. An occasional deformation and silhouettes covered in water drops add a veil of intrigue. We’re desperate to take a peek beneath it. Steff Eleoff tells a well-thought story of contemporary seduction and the strangeness of being through jewellery. Captivating.

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