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Relive the hazy laziness of long summer nights.

The sunset of summer is here. It’s only September, but already snapshots of sun-soaked soirees, flickers of beer-flecked conversations and saltwater smells seem to have been stolen away by time. Tans have faded as quickly as getaway romances. Autumn is here.

It’s this enduring romance with anything radiant that probably contributed to Quiksilver’s recent hype. Their first ever vintage collection sold out in less than 24 hours online, its release over in a flash as quickly as a twilight beach fire.

Precisely 150 pieces – based around retro Quiksilver designs – were featured in the capsule. They weren’t just taken from meticulous data collections, either. The eclectic range of garms were nabbed from collectors and thrift shops, archives and designers. Pretty rad, huh?

There were whole run-around wardrobes worth of items on offer – but a few pieces stand out. Like the 7.67 tee, merch lifted from the 1986 Cornwall amateur world surf championships. Or the All Down the Line pair of shorts, used in the 1990 film of the same name. On top of that, there were baggy jackets and throw on fleeces to keep you comfy by the coast.

It’s similar to what we discussed last week when looking at Diadora and Lyle & Scott’s rave inspired collab. Streetwear, skater and surfer brands are catching on to the vintage hype. After all, they’ve all got decades of old-school designs to tap back into. Rather than let all the money and hype exist in the second-hand market, they’re cashing in firsthand and bringing back designs that usually garner mad money.

The price range lent to its success, too. Positioned between £20 and £125, it mixed high-end treats with more affordable staples, allowing the majority of hypebeasts to get on board. Literally.

Unsurprisingly, Quiksilver are keen to ride the wave that the collection created. They’ve confirmed that they’re going to be dropping more vintage collections later this year. Sign up to the mailing list, and you’ll be locked in ready to hear about more ace blasts from the past. Surf on, dudes.

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