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clothing layered with emotional narrativeteatum jones

by Felicity Carter

Teatum Jones takes you on a romantic journey, it's not surprising then, that this has seen them win a loyal following from the fashion crowd to celebs alike. 

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones are the designer duo of the label, and they are all about the London life, “we are both Londoners and part of what we do at Teatum jones is seek to represent and reflect the diversity and beauty of our home town.”

The two of them honed in on their womenswear skills at Ravensbourne College of Design and Central Saint Martin’s before going on to work for the cult fashion favourites of the day, Luella Bartley and John Richmond.

What and how does this human appeal look like I hear you ask? In their own words, the designers proudly say, “we are two humans inspired by other humans. We create fashion from human stories. We truly believe in the power of fashion to present a pro-social message of inclusivity and positive identity. We believe in creating a socially conscious fashion that puts the craftspeople and the customer at the heart of our creation. We are passionate about creating exquisite textiles layered with an emotional narrative. we weave those stories into the fabric and textiles of our collections to create bold, vibrant and modern fashion in our London studio.”

Their aesthetic is “bold, vibrant, layered” and as such appeals to a certain woman, commenting the designer duo let us know that their customer “is a confident, creative and smart woman who cannot live without colour and pattern in her wardrobe.” we think this is the best kind of woman and it’s so easy to buy into their luxury pieces. As they’ve said, “luxury is something so beautiful and so meaningful to you personally, that you cannot live without it,” and we feel like that about their ready-to-wear.

Teatum Jones have built momentum within the fashion realm, not only evolving with the times but continually looking forward, “we’ve gone from creating a 13 piece silk capsule collection to being a brand that is recognized for developing innovative fabrics and creating fashion from human stories.” next up? They are now “on a mission to re-centre the norm in fashion.” as you do.

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