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Pink and greens in battenberg-style colour block.

We must pretend no longer; let’s look into the eye of the storms and admit with quivering lips: autumn is upon us. It’s pretty painful that we’ve all missed out on a proper summer, or at the very best shoehorned it into a few weeks of masked-up holibobs and subsequent quarantine quandaries.

But, as Love Island’s modern-day philosophers once tautologised, ‘it is what it is’. It’s officially less than a week until September, less than a month until the Autumn equinox and just eighteen weeks until we bid this hellhole of a year farewell.

Luckily, the lovely lot at Russell Athletic have got us sorted, wardrobe-wise at least. Russell Athletic has just dropped its AW20 collection via RAX, its luxury sportswear diffusion line cooked-up with Selfridges.

Pink and greens in battenberg-style colour block dominate, here. The asymmetric tiling flows throughout heavyweight long sleeve sweats, baggy tees, wide shorts and joggers to give you a fully coordinated look for the season.

And then, of course, there’s a handful of top-quality crewneck tees. Why obvs? Well, Russell Athletic actually invented the crewneck a hundred years ago. We can’t really imagine what people wore before that, but maybe we should go read some history books or something.

Finishing it off are a couple of hoodies – in white and pink – to throw on top when the weather, and our personalities, become bitter.

All in all, ‘Athletic has rustled up a winner here, an easy-to-wear collection with two natural, fresh hues running throughout.

BTW, if you’re reading this, RAX: we’d love a matching green-and-pink handkerchief to wipe away our wintry tears, cheers.

The collection is now available online here or in Selfridges stores.

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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