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Featuring baggy layers, eye-popping graphics and wavy colourways, it's a collection to rave about.

Call us raving mad, but we’re crazy for ’90s fashion. It’s a minefield of bomb jackets, colour explosions and oversized fits—a blast from the past that’s still as fun today.

Luckily, it’s not just us. From DKNY to Wrangler, tons of brands are shouting about the decade that brought us sweater vests (shudders). It’s no surprise, considering the touch points it offers designers: eclectic hues, electronic music, layering combos and more diverse fits.

Cali streetwear brand The Hundreds are onto it now, too. They’ve just dropped their Spring 20 collection, and it’s made us properly euphoric. Their “most ambitious work yet,” they claim, and we can’t disagree with that.

The hero item? The End Trench coat, bright orange and fittingly unfitted. Joining that are some ace tees: a skate-ready Warp T-shirt, a Dawn Crewneck that’ll get you revisiting the gradient backgrounds of Powerpoint ’98, a Mexico-Tokyo hybrid Jefe T-shirt and a rave-ready Sanity T-shirt.

Colour block, patchwork trousers and jackets are abound, plus slouchy hoodies ready for those pesky spring showers. We’re also obsessed with the long sleeve shirts, with just a hint of Fresh Prince running through them (in the best way).

Two hats top off the collection. First up, a Bunch Strapback, supposedly based on a clothing company that doesn’t exist anymore (send us your guesses on a postcard and we’ll ask the Hundreds head-honchos). Finally, a Stanley Dad hat, as classic as it comes.

Heartbreakingly, the zaniest offering has already sold out. The license plate holder didn’t even last a day, but we’ll plead to the lovely people at the Hundreds for a restock. After all, it could turn a banged-up Golf into feeling like a Cali-ready Cadillac. 

The Hundreds SP20 collection is available now, here.

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