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Thom Browne x Baccarat:A crystal clear collaboration

by Maja Bebber

Thom Browne introduces a collaboration with the French glassware manufacturer Baccarat.

The US luxury brand presented a crystal glass collection in collaboration with Baccarat, as announced by Thom Browne. The designer curated the line himself.

The collection comprises four glasses: a champagne flute, two wine glasses, a whisky tumbler, and a decanter. Browne particularly highlights the ‘Yacht Glass,’ distinguished by its square base. It was designed in 1925 by Baccarat’s designer Georges Chevalier for the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris.

Each model was handcrafted by Baccarat’s artisans in Lorraine, France. These are reworked designs from the glassware manufacturer’s archives, dating back to the 18th century. A modern twist was added through Browne’s signature stripe motifs.

The glasses are available in sets of two and can be purchased on Thom Browne’s online shop as well as in selected stores of the brand worldwide. The prices are 327 euros for a tumbler set, 484 euros for a champagne coupe set, and 717 euros for a set of Yacht glasses.

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